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    2015년 4월 21일 Update!!!

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    Four new arenas! Two new announcers! Five new medals! Starting weapon changes and more! Today's update brings us some new content and important fixes, read what's new below!

    New Arenas Added:

    • Elder


    Deep from within the bowels of the Nameless City lies Elder, a nostalgic Quake 1 inspired arena. This small and simple dreary place is home to more than just it's combatants, for Elder beings lie dormant in waiting, feeding off the pain and torment of it's captives. Locked away within lies 1xRA, 2xYA, 1xMH, and a 1x50hp for players to control, and after two minutes of gameplay two heavy stone doors reveal access to a railgun previously inaccessible. However beware, on Elder more than the usual is up for grabs as one shiny gold key lingers in it's halls for one and only one player to control; control the key and control the map. Designed by Adam 'SyncError' Pyle for Duel, Elder is also available for small FFA and 2v2 TDM matches.

    New Game Mechanics:

    • Keys - Keys are available for pickup immediately on match start and once picked never respawn until the key holder dies. Kill the key holder and then retrieve the key to gain passage through the locked gold door. Elder introduces this concept with the gold key and door, and we've added support for future maps to also posses silver and master keys. The silver, gold, and master key models were crafted by Jochum 'Hipshot' Skoglund.
    • Single State (Unary) Switches - Buttons and triggers now exist that allow you to activate a door or platform causing the mover to move once and remain in place for the remainder of the map, allowing maps to dynamically alter over the course of a match. Extending the ramps or opening the Obelisk Courtyard on Elder will create new means to move about the arena.
    • Electrocution


    Created by Colin 'Q50' Dodd, Electrocution is a new to Quake Live Capture the Flag arena made with speed and fast tactics in mind. The most daring players can take their chance with short cuts over the maps walls, but watch out for the lasers, what might be a fast escape can quickly turn into a horrible death.

    • Lost Paradise


    Face your foes in the ruins of Lost Paradise, a CTF arena created by Chad 'Despair' Younger. Hidden for centuries by the thick jungle, these massive opposing temples were once the site of ancient and bloody battles waged by those seeking to prove their superiority through victory. Multiple paths are available for attack, including a secret underwater entrance that leads to the middle of your opponent's base, as well as a trek through crumbling hallways. Seek out the Mega Health and Health Regen pickups to aid you in your battle. 

    • Servitude


    Brought to us by Todd 'Mr.Clean' Rose, these once-majestic gardens are now forgotten and decayed. Battle through the lost courtyards, halls, and walkways of this twisting arena, where your opponent could come from around any corner. A Mega Health lies in darkened hallways, while the Red Armor awaits on the top floor. Designed for CA and FFA.

    Renovated Arenas:

    • Pulp Friction


    Industrial Accident by Jason 'Cornelius' Gill has been reworked to improve the gameplay experience. One side of the arena has now been flipped so that base entrances and layouts are the same on each side. Other major changes include a new smaller mid with more cover with an easier to reach Quad, the railguns have been relocated further way from mid to reduce railing, an easier to attack base, and a new gothic theme. But watch out, just because the Quad is easier to reach now, doesn't necessarily make it safer. A large smasher can be triggered above, leaving power-up hungry players into a pile of pulp.

    Alternative Announcer Voices:
    To change the announcer voice, choose between three announcers within the Game Settings Advanced Sound menu, and apply audio changes.

    • Added Vadrigar (Classic) Announcer VO option
    • Added Daemia (Female) Announcer VO option

    New Medals:


    • Accuracy. Finish a round with over 50% accuracy.
    • First Frag. Score the first frag in a match.
    • Headshot. Frag an enemy with a Railgun shot to the head.
    • Perfect. Win a round without taking any damage.
    • Quad God. Frag 10 enemies on a single Quad Damage spree.

    • Changed the Loadout menu into a Starting Weapons menu. Only one additional starting weapon is now select-able, and we have removed the Grenade Launcher from the loadout options.
    • Enabled autoHop in all modes. Clients may disable with cg_autoHop 0 if they do not like the behavior. ( 모든 모드서 autohop 가능. 자동점프를 안쓸려면  cg_autoHop 0 으로 설정) 
    • Added an Admin UI menu for server admins and ops. (서버 관리자용 UI 메뉴 추가)
    • Weapon Config changes are now more responsive, and are applied immediately upon selecting a new weapon.
    • Added s_killbeepVolume since some of those sounds are too quiet.
    • In team modes, teams are no longer preserved after map changes. All players are now prompted the Join Team menu.
    • Added "You Win" and "You Lose" VO at the end of FFA, Duel, Race, and RR matches.
    • Added New High Score VO for Race
    • Added Overtime VO (on first overtime only).
    • Added Battlesuit VO
    • Re-added Lead Tied and Teams are Tied VO, due to feedback.
    • Added Blue / Red Flag Taken VO for spectators (free and first)
    • Replaced cg_playTeamVO with cg_announcerLastStandingVO, cg_announcerLeadsVO, and cg_announcerTiesVO.
    • Removed deprecated headshot plums, in light of the new headshot medals.
    • Removed headshot hitsounds, in light of the new headshot medals.
    • Added CVAR_REPLICATED to archived sound cvars.
    • Specified a sort order on liquids/glass/flares/lightbeams shaders; Simple items and similar transparent objects should correctly sort over them now (in most cases).

    • Fixed a buffer overflow in the Announcer VO sound queue, fixing the FIGHT VO bug (as well as other issues caused by the overflow).
    • Fixed splash damage being incorrectly awarded instead of direct damage when a projectile hits a player.
    • Fixed missing impact sparks on RL, GL, and BFG hits.
    • Fixed missing impact sparks on SG kills.
    • Fixed EV_MISSLE_MISS being triggered on projectile kills instead of EV_MISSILE_HIT.
    • Fixed several cases of that would cause UI elements to become discolored.
    • Fixed Lead Lost / Lead Taken VO that wasn't playing in TDM when the teams were tied and someone killed themselves.
    • Fixed the headshot detection code. Can now shoot down through the head and correctly receive headshots.

    Map Changes:
    • Removed the MG from the following CTF maps:
      - Beyond Reality
      - Camper Crossings
      - Future Crossings
      - Gospel Crossings
      - Fluorescent (Reverted MG to SG)
      - Troubled Waters (Reverted MG to GL)
    • Infinity
      - Added crates to the previously one-way flag entrance.
      - Converted base YA to GA
      - Moved lg further into the perimeter
      - Removed mid SG
      - Moved PG to MH room.
      - Replaced old PG with a SG.
      - Railgun moved to mid water
      - Medkit moved to old railgun position
      - Added a SG to the upper side hall.
      - Removed water from lower hall to flag room, added trims.
      - Changed red floor tiles from blue to red
    • Satanic
      - Fixed nodrop fog at quad
      - Replace Quad with MH in Duel
    • Stonekeep
      - Fixed race spawns
      - RA back to normal time, and MH increased to 60s

    Additional minor fixes for:
    (Thanks to all those who reported issues.)
    • Canned Heat
    • City Crossings
    • Hidden Fortress
    • Industrial Revolution
    • Jumpwerkz
    • Ragnarok
    • Refinery
    • Siberia
    • Wargrounds
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